Join us

You want to be part of the team of Revolution NBC? Then just read bellow how you can join.

At this moment we are currently looking for people in the following positions:

  • Newsposter – in charge of searching and posting news related to the show or actors.
  • Reviewer – in charge of making reviews of the episodes
  • Imageposter – in charge of finding images related to the show or actor
  • Videoposter – in charge of finding videos related to the show or actors
  • Social Networks – Twitter, facebook and youtube

You can apply for more than one position. If you are interested just send an email to with the title “RevNBC – Team Application” and with the next information:

» Name:

» Age:

» Desired position:

» Time you spend in the internet:

» Links (twitter, facebook, etc):

» Why do you want to join our team?:

» Do you know wordpress?:

» Do you currently post in another website?

You can also add more things if you want to.  The positions are open for undetermined time.


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