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Set Photos – August, 16


Another day on the #Revolution set! We spotted the weapons bins for @trspiridakos, @billy_burke, and @PardoJD:

Sources: Revolution , Tracy , Courtmcgovern , RachelNG_93


Tweet from Jon Cassar + Episode 5 News’

Jon Cassar@joncassar

“#Revolution – a couple of more days of prep and then start shooting episode 105 – very excited to get on the floor – incredible cast”

Episode 5 will be directed by Jon Cassar and written by Paul Grellong. He also tweeted this 2 days ago:

“Day #4 Prep #Revolution – scouting small town – finding the last few outstanding locations -VFX meeting (my episode has some very cool VFX)”

Tweet from Maria Howell

Maria Howell@MariaSingsActs

“4#Revolution Can’t wait for you to see how the lights go out on September 17th 10pm on NBC”